Planning a Canoe Trip on the Allagash River

Put in location

IMG_4177The entire Allagash Wilderness Waterway is 92 miles and a 8-10 day commitment.  With 7 designated launch locations you can customize your canoe trip to meet you needs.  If lake paddling doesn’t appeal to you, consider putting in at  Churchill Dam where the real current begins.  Many paddlers agree that spending at least 3 days on the river is needed to fully unwind. Decide how many days you have, don’t forget to include travel days and you should add an extra day for unexpected weather.

Check our river mileage chart.  It shows launch locations and canoe trip lengths.

Getting there

Now logistics.  You are canoeing many miles on a river and you need a way to get back to your vehicle or have it brought to you.  Tylor Kelly Camps is located at the end of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.  With our transport service you can arrive here and we will drive you to your put in.  Or use our shuttle service to retrieve your vehicle from your put in to your take out while you are on the river.

If you drive yourself, consider that launch locations are remote and require travel over a network of private gravel logging roads sometimes as much as 50 miles.  Proper tires are a must!  We recommend at least 8 ply tires when traveling in the woods.

If we drive you, you’ll arrive at our place in Allagash, we are located at the end of the Allagash River Waterway.  You can park in our private lot free of charge.  We’ll load you and your gear in our vans and drive you upstream to your desired put in location.

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Packing enough but not too much

There are no services on any kind along the Allagash River Waterway.  If you don’t have it with you when you start, you won’t have it on your trip.  Start with the essentials and then add niceities as room allows. The size of your canoe or kyak will dictate how much stuff to bring.  It’s always a good idea to do a ‘dry run’ at home to avoid being on the river bank and not able to fit all your gear into the canoe.  A 17′ canoe seems to hit the sweet spot for most paddlers of being big enough to carry essential gear but not too big  to be maneuverable on the river.  Dry bags are highly recommended to compress gear and keep it dry.  A system to make drinking water on the canoe trip, whether a filter, boiling, or tablets will free a lot of space for other items.

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