About Us

Master Maine Guide Wade Kelly  is a lifelong resident of Allagash, ME.  A Registered Master Maine Guide for over 30 years, he learned hunting, fishing and trapping skills as a youngster from his father Tylor Kelly and grandfather Jack Kelly.  Wade worked with his family as a logger until his late twenties when started guiding full time with his father Tylor.  He knows the woods and earned the reputation of being an outstanding tracker.  In fact when asked by a client after a long blood trail if he would find the bear, he replied “if I can’t find it, it ain’t dead”!

Wade served on the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council as the Aroostook County Representative from 2010-2013.



Coyote HuntingSue Kelly, a Registered Maine Guide, grew up in the small coastal town of Lincolnville, Me.  She enjoyed tagging along with her father in the woods and learned to hunt and fish as a young girl.  She moved to Allagash in 2009.



Jake Feener, has worked as a Wildland Firefighter in the Northwest Maine GuideUS and contracts for Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on the Bear Den Study Program and Spring Snaring Study.  He has been guiding since 2008.