Our Story

In 1975 Allagash natives Tylor and Leitha Kelly built a small hotdog stand on the bank of the Allagash River to feed hungry canoeists coming off the river. Leitha served hotdogs for many years while raising 5 children.  

In 1985 Tylor saw an opportunity to build an addition to the hot dog stand when some wooden pillars from an ice bridge floated down the river. He was able to salvage them and they became the foundation for the addition. Two River Lunch was born, a full service restaurant with an attached bunkhouse!

Tylor worked as a guide and logger along with his sons Wade and Stacey until he was forced into early retirement after a logging accident left him with a broken spine after he was hit by a fallen tree.

In 1988 Wade decided to quit the logging business, get his guide license and pursue a guiding career.  In 1990 Tylor accquired a small camp from the original Allagash Bible Camp was moved down the road and he converted into lodging.  Several years later a second camp was constructed.

As interest in bear hunting grew throughout the 1990s with his fathers help, Wade built up a good cliental. As the Moose permit numbers increased, moose guiding also became a large part of the business. 

In recent years, Wade’s sister Darlene returned home to Allagash to take ownership of Two Rivers Lunch.

In 2010, Sue  joined Wade in Allagash and began guiding and soon became his Mrs.

Over the years, thousands hunters, fisherman, snowmobilers and canoeists have enjoyed comfortable lodging and home cooked meals at Two Rivers Lunch and Tylor Kelly Camps.