Self Guided Maine Bear Hunts

For the do it yourselfer

self guided bear huntHere’s your chance to harvest a Maine Black bear over bait and save a whole lot of time, money and hassle.  A self guided bear hunt is designed for the experienced hunter.  We provide all the essentials for you to hunt a black bear over bait.  We do all the prep work for you so you can focus on the hunt.

Getting a black bear to come to bait is a substantial time commitment.  Consider the availability and price of leasing a bait site, purchasing bait, fuel to drive to the sites several time a week, not to mention your time commitment.  It adds up.

Our bait sites have a preset tree stand or blind ready for you to climb in and hunt.  The sites have been baited a minimum of 30 days prior to your arrival.  Bear hunters are provided several bait sites and enough bear bait for the week.  Hunters provide their own transportation so you’re free to hunt as many or few hours you choose.  This 6night/5day hunt includes lodging, active bait sites, bear bait and cold storage for your game.  We are available during the week for advice.


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