Bear Hunting FAQ

What is a typical day like at hunting camp?

Our camps overlook the beautiful St John River.
Our camps overlook the beautiful St John River.

Mornings can be spent leisurely relaxing at camp or at the restaurant, preparing gear, fishing, sightseeing, canoeing or other an activity if you choose.  We leave camp around 1pm each day, each guide taking 4-5 hunters to their stands by 2-3pm for the remainder of the day.  Hunters are picked up in sequence at the end of legal hunting hours (usually between  6-7pm depending on the length of the daylight) and driven back to camp for dinner at the restaurant.

I shot a bear…now what?

In the event you shoot at a bear or shoot at one, your guide will pick you up at the designated time at the end of the evening.  After each hunter is  picked up, then you will accompany your guide while your bear is  tracked and retrieved from the woods.

What type of weather should I expect?

Temperatures typically will be 50-60 during the days and cool off considerably in the evening.  Bring layering clothing to be comfortable in your stand.  Bring along rain gear so you are prepared for  a wet day.

What kind of stand will I be in while bear hunting?

We hunt for 15′ metal ladder stands or our specially designed ground blinds.  The ground blinds are a raised wooden platform that sit about 5′ off the ground.


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