Maine Moose Hunting

Maine Wildlife Zone Map

The Maine Moose hunt is by permit only and is drawn annually by lottery thru the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.   2018 Moose Hunting applications can be submitted now thru May.  The 2018 Maine Moose Lottery drawing will be held in mid June 2018. The proposed number of moose permits available for 2018 is 2,140.

2018 Moose Hunting Dates 

Week 1 September 24-29

Week 2 October 8-13

Week 3 October 22-27

Residents may purchase one chance for $15.00.  Non residents may purchase 1 chance for $15.00, 3 chances for $25.00 or 10 chances for $55.00 or more.  The lottery is a random drawing of approximately 50,000 applicants for approximately 2100 moose permits. There are three week long moose hunts; one in September, and two in October.  Moose permits are allocated between Wildlife Management Districts or Zones.  We guide in Zones 1 and 2 and 4.

The town of Allagash borders  Wildlife Management Districts Zones 1 & 2 which hold  the State’s heaviest  moose

Maine Moose Hunting
2013 B&C scoring 197 with a 64″ antlers. Zone 1

density, about 7 moose per square mile. Between 2001-2014 moose hunters averaged an 84% success rate of harvesting a moose in both Zone 1 and Zone 2.  Statewide the moose hunter success rate is 74%.  The moose population is estimated to be 60,000-70,000.

Click here to apply online now: Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Tylor Kelly Camps in Allagash is on the doorstep of a 3.2 million acre multiple use forest known as “North Maine Woods“.  This working commercial forest creates prime moose hunting habitat. Clear cuts with random aged regrowth crisscrossed with miles of gravel roads, beaver bogs, rivers, streams, softwood stands and hardwood ridges.

Moose ready for the taxidermist

Our hunting methods will depend on what your abilities and desires.  Whether it’s calling moose, spot and stalk, stand hunting, on the water by canoe or road hunting, our guides will cater to the type of moose hunt that meets your needs.

We have the proper equipment to retrieve your moose once it’s on the ground.  We’ll do the work so you can relax and enjoy the moment.  Your game will be safely stored in our walk in cooler so there’s no need to rush home.  Use our canoes free of charge and enjoy some fishing or bird hunting.

We offer several Moose hunting packages:

$3000 Guided Moose Hunt

Includes 6 day hunt, 7 nights in a private camp, transportation, one on one guide, game retrieval, field dressing, skinning, quartering, transportation to tagging station and local meat processor.  This price includes yourself and your sub permittee.  Extra guests are welcome to come along to experience a Maine Moose Hunt for an additional charge of $500 each.  Does not include meals, Maine hunting licenses or North Maine Woods gate fees.

$4200 All inclusive at Allagash Outpost Camps

sleep under the stars

Includes meals, 6 day hunt, 7 nights lodging at our wall tent outpost camp, transportation, one on one guide, game retrieval, field dressing, skinning, quartering, transportation to tagging station and local meat processor.  All North Maine Woods gate fees and camping fees are included.  Price includes the moose hunter and sub permitee.  Additional guests are welcome for $700 each.  Hunting license not included.

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Check out our moose hunting videos!

64″ trophy bull moose scored 197 Boone & Crockett


Please call 207.398.4478 for more info on Guided Moose Hunts in Northern Maine

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