FAQ ~ Maine Moose Hunts

What are your hunting methods?

During the September season moose respond very well to calling.  We access our predetermined hunting areas by foot, vehicle or canoe.  During the October  moose seasons, spot and stalk methods are most effective.  We cater each hunt to the desires of the hunter as much as possible.

What are the chances I will get a moose? We have had only a handful of hunters go home without a moose over the past 25 years. 100% of our clients have shot at moose while on their hunt.

I shot a moose, now what?

After your moose is on the ground, your guide will dress it and get it to the road and on a trailer in a timely manner.  Your guide will drive you and your moose directly to the moose tagging station in Fort Kent.  After registering your moose you will have several decisions to make.  Where do you want the butchering done?  If you want it done locally we can suggest a local shop, or you may want to have us skin and quarter and hung in our walk in cooler until you leave camp at the end of the week.

Will I have cell phone service?

No, there is no cell service at camp or in the areas that will be hunting.  The nearest cell service is in Fort Kent.

When do I arrive and leave camp?

Our guided moose hunts are 6 days and 7 nights.  Arrival is after 1pm on Sunday and 10 am on the following Sunday.

How many people will be in camp during a moose hunting week?

Typically we take only 3 moose hunting parties per week.

What is included in the price of the guided moose hunt?

Your hunt would include a one on one guide for hunt, meals, transportation once you arrive, game retrieval, skinning and quartering and cold storage.  This price includes yourself and one guest.  Non hunting guests are welcome for an additional $800.

Are there any additional costs/fees?

Our hunting areas are all accessed through the North Maine Woods.    You will be responsible for the  day use fee for you and your hunting partner. The day use fee is $10.00 for Maine residents and $15.00 for non residents.

What form of payment do you accept at?

We take cash or check only.  Sorry but we can not take credit cards at this time.