Back Country Muskies

27 lb muskie from Glazier Lake
27 lb muskie from Glazier Lake
Like ’em or not, muskies are thriving in the St John River watershed in Northern Maine.  The muskellunge is the largest member of the pike family and a relative new comer to the pristine waters of northern most Maine.

In 1970 the Quebec government introduced muskie into Lac

Fly Fishing for Muskie on the Allagash River
Fly Fishing for Muskie on the Allagash River
Frontier  on the northwest branch of the St John River. In the following years,  muskie migrated downstream and established a self sustaining population.  In 1984 Maine’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife confirmed the presence of muskie in the upper St John River.  Currently Maine does not regulate any bag limits or length restrictions on muskies.

With miles of unpopulated lakes, rivers, slow moving dead waters and weed beds it’s possible to imagine casting a line into untouched populations of  these predatory fish.

Guided Muskie Fishing Trips ~ $300 for 1 /$100 each additional person


A 31 lb Muskie that measured 48″ was caught in Glazier Lake in 2009, it held the state record until 2010 when a 33 lb fish was pulled from the St John River. These top end predator fish will continue to break records in Maine in the years to come as there size has not peaked out in Maine waters yet.  We prefer river fishing where the fish can be targeted and action can be faster with typical Muskie in the 34-38″ range.


Muskie Fishing in Northern Maine
If ice fishing is your passion, both Glazier Lake and Beau Lake on the Canadian border are open to ice fishing. Both can be only be accessed by snowmobile.  From our Camps, it’s a quick 30 minute ride on MSA trail ITS92 to Glazier Lake.  Generally safe ice conditions are mid January to early March.

Heated ice shacks $100 per day

Cabin rentals starting at $85 per night




Check out this video made by our friends at Passin Time Outdoors during the 2013 Fort Kent Muskie Derby.

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