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Allagash Wilderness Waterway FAQ

Cooking on the campfire

Campfire cooking on the Allagash River

Can I make advanced reservations for a campsite?

No, you can’t reserve a campsite in advance.  All campsites are filled on a first come/first served basis.  With over 80 campsites along the river, there’s rarely an issue with finding a site.  If you find your desired campsite already occupied, simply continue paddling downstream to the next available campsite.

AWW Rules & Regulations

Ready for a river trip

Canoe trip on the Allagash River

Will I have cell phone service?

No, there is no cell service along the Allagash River.  

native brook trout


How’s the fishing?

There is still a healthy population of quality Native Brook Trout in the Allagash River.  For the best fishing, visit in late May or early June.  Later in the summer as the water warms, try fishing at the mouth of small streams flowing into the river.  Dawn and dusk will be the most productive times.  

Once you get below Allagash Falls, put the trout gear away and fish for Muskie.  The Muskie is a non native fish and the Allagash Falls work as a natural barrier to keep the Muskie from populating the waters above the falls.

Be aware that the fishing regulations change along river.  You should bring a Maine fishing law book with you for reference.


Camping on the AWW

A campsite on the Allagash River

What are the campsites like?

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway Campsites are carefully maintained by the Park Rangers.  Each has a fire pit, picnic table, tarp pole, and outhouse.  

Firewood can be collected from the woods in the surrounding area.  You may use any dead or downed trees or branches for an evening fire.  You do not need a separate fire permit, as your AWW registration covers the use of the fire pit.  You are required to completely extinguish you campfire when you vacate your campsite.

There are no trash receptacles so please carry in and carry out.

You are allowed to stay consecutive nights at the same campsite if desired.


foggy moring on the river

Paddleing through the fog on Allagash River

How much does it cost to Paddle the Allagash River?

The fees 

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